The Undergraduate Student Advisory Committee aka “Global Health Reps” are charged to advise the Global Health Program on issues related to undergraduate education, including but not limited to courses, curriculum, instruction, student involvement opportunities, research opportunities and student programs.

This school year, the Global Health Program is excited to welcome 2 new representatives to our Student Advisory Committee that will bring in new ideas, hard work and energy as they provide themselves as resources and connections to support our global health student population at UC San Diego! Feel free to reach out to them with questions about the program.


Cortni Badier

Cortni is a third-year Global Health Major.

Why would you like to be a Global Health Rep?

I would like to be a Global Health Rep because I have developed a passion for global health and I want others to know more about it. I believe this will be an opportunity where I will be able to utilize my skills to address my passions and problems that I foresee coming pertaining to health such as access to health care, health disparities, refugee health, vaccines, inequalities and so on. As someone who is new to the program I would really like to see other people become more involved and develop a presence on campus. Global health is fairly new and I would like to see access to more opportunities such a research and internships. Moreover, I believe connectivity between students, and continuing to develop the global health program to be intriguing, active, and resourceful for current and prospective students is imperative as well.

As a rep I would like to help develop an alumni and current student network program. This will allow for students to remain determined in the program and have mentors which will also allow for alumni to have opportunities to come back to UCSD for events and give knowledge to the community. As a rep I would like to implement more connectivity programs and activities. These events will have three aspects, involvement (social), learning (courses), and implementation (feedback from students and what they need in order to be successful). I think having more programs throughout the quarter will assist in the atmosphere around global health and marketing strategies to help with recruitment and enhancement as well. Since we are a research institution I would like to create a way for students to not only know about these opportunities but to actually have them available for non stem majors such as Global Health students.

What is an important issue you would like to address or get involved with or improve as a member?

As a member I plan to address and improve our conversations and stigma around mental health. Mental health affects everyone whether it be developed or underdeveloped countries and are among the main causes of disease and disability in the world. Suicide is estimated to be the the tenth leading cause of death, which is 100 percent preventable. As college students I believe we can truly shape the future and stigma around mental health. Most likely we either know someone or are someone who has struggled with mental health disorders whether it be depression, anxiety, eating disorders or suicidal thoughts. Most of the time we don’t seek help due to not only stigma but a feeling of independence and mental health not being as important as our physical health. Mental health is just as important as physical health and more than not is more debilitating than physical health. Meaning someone who is struggling with depression is at a greater risk than someone who has a broken leg or such. I would really like to get an event going to address the issue since it is happening more than we can estimate and it isn’t something physically we can see. I would like to see more action surrounding our conversations and attitudes of mental health.

Moreover, mental health is something that I am passionate about because especially within the Black community we have a different culture around mental health; it is something that is hidden, not talked about or taken seriously. Often we are told to seek God, or we have other problems that are far more important to handle rather than something that is going on in our head. I feel although there are few black students on our campus we are still affected by this if not at more costs due to our low numbers, culture shock and lack of representation. As a current officer in the Black Student Union being apart of community has helped me not only be retained here at this institution but it has also widened my perceptions of the struggles and intersectionalites of students here at UCSD. More than often we are not represented and this not only hurts us professionally but mentally as well throughout our undergraduate years and years to come.




Anahi Ibarra

Anahi is a fourth-year Biochem/Cell Biology major with a minor in Global Health.

Why would you like to be a Global Health Rep?

I would like to be a Global Health Representative for the valuable leadership skills and hands-on Global Health involvement mentioned in the first question. Moreover, with this experience not only am I able to grow and attain valuable interpersonal skills but also, I am able to simultaneously contribute to my community in a positive way. Short term, through my work as a Representative I will have the opportunity to make an impact on the issues that are very dear to my heart. This will truly bring me joy knowing that I am making a small impact for the community that I grew up in and that many of my family members and close friends still are part of. Long term, as a physician, experiences like these will shape me into a better doctor. Notably in California there is a shortage of latino/a doctors when compared to the latino/a population, thus, it is dire for doctors of these communities to be fully cognizant of the problems that surround the communities. As an aspiring family physician, experiences that expose me to surrounding public and global health problems are essential in molding my overall health perspective; such opportunities will enable me to become a more relatable and compassionate doctor. Overall, being a representative will be greatly influential in my near future and even my long term goals.

What is an important issue you would like to address or get involved with or improve as a member?

My goal in the Global Health field is to centralize efforts around areas that are commonly neglected within community service work, as well as utilize the interconnection between the surrounding environments and knowledge from the university. I hope to tackle the juxtaposition between thriving cities surrounded by suffering communities that are often overlooked. (i.e. Comparing the standard of living in San Diego versus Tijuana; comparing standard of living in tourist locations in the Philippines versus the projects/provinces) Furthermore, I would like to examine the interconnections between the US Healthcare System and the concept of “Tropical Medicine”, and how these two entities contribute to the overall quality of life in Southeast Asian countries. Lastly, I would like to address the systematic racism that lies within healthcare systems.

Continuing Reps


We would like to welcome again and wish the new global health representatives into their new roles! Feel free to stop by and say hi to our 2017-2018 representatives this school year and get all the help you need in your global health journey at UC San Diego!