Students for Global Health – Get Involved this Fall!

The Students for Global Health organization welcomes any UC San Diego (UCSD) undergraduate student interested in international health and wellness.

Our mission is to encourage any student passionate about these issues to explore ways to give back to the UCSD community and beyond through their education and future careers. To do that, S4GH helps foster communication and ongoing partnerships between UCSD student organizations and the larger community.

We are very proud of being able to provide insight into the broad field of global health through speaker panels such as our popular Quarterly Conversations events, information sessions with Academic Advisors and Student Reps, and community activities like our awareness campaigns!

Overall, this student org acts as a valuable liaison between undergraduates, advisors, faculty, the administration, and the UCSD community as a whole. And the best part? All majors are welcome!

Upcoming Events to get involved with:

First General Body Meeting (GBM#1) “Welcome Back” – Thursday, October 18th @ 6:30pm, Peterson 103

Fall Quarterly Conversations in Global Health “Global Health and Technology” – Wednesday, November 7th @ 3pm, I-House

GBM # 3 – TBD (World AID’s DAY)

This is an opportunity to gather with the global health community and hear from an expert panel about the role that technology plays in global health.

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