ANSC 149 students created Global Health “‘zines” for their final projects!

These ‘zines were created as final projects by students in Dr. Varma’s  ANSC 149 – Conflict, Health and Inequality course in Spring 2019. Each ‘zine creatively reinterprets an ongoing political and humanitarian crisis in our contemporary world. Topics included the Syrian civil war and refugee crisis, the war in Yemen, the Rohingya refugee crisis, the migrant caravan, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, the effects of the blockade in Gaza, mass incarceration, veteran suicide, gun violence, and the opioid epidemic.  The ‘zines present these topics in a way that is informative, digestible, and interesting to audiences who may not be familiar with these themes. These zines don’t just “tell” their audience what to think, but they “show” them the complexities of contemporary global struggles. As such, they are powerful examples of what public-facing anthropological scholarship can be.

Come check them out in-person in the Anthropology Office lobby (SSB 210)!


Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela by Ralyn, Laura, and Astrea

venezuela project


The Effects of the Blockade in Gaza by Thomas, Belinda, and Isabell

gaza box

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