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The Global Health Blog is designed with students in mind. It is a resource to learn more about the field of Global Health, interact with Global Health students, learn of new opportunities for field experience or fellowships and stay up to date on upcoming events and activities on and off campus.

This blog is also used to showcase Global Health Student accomplishments in field experience, on campus and in the academic world.

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The Global Health Program (GHP) is a new interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program at UCSD. Beginning Fall of 2014, the GHP includes a new Bachelor of Arts in Global Health (BAGH) and incorporates the currently existing Global Health Minor. 

Undergraduate degrees in the Global Health Program (BA and Minor) provide students with an in‐depth understanding of factors related to illness, health, and healing from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective that transcends national borders and regional interests and takes cultural difference and diversity fully into account.

The program is the first of its kind within the University of California and one of only a handful in North America where students can gain a comprehensive initiation to the exciting and rapidly growing field of Global Health. The GHP is student-centered and emphasizes a balance between critical thinking and real world experience.

Join us for an intellectual adventure that can put you in a position to make a contribution to the well-being of today’s world.