Gun Violence Intervention Group

The UCSD Global Health Gun Violence Intervention group accepts ongoing members. The group has opportunities for Global Health students to complete their Field Experience requirement.

Gun violence is a social and cultural behavior, yet it behaves as if it were a pathogenic illness. It is transmitted like a pathogen and plays into the cycle of American structural violence. The United States may not be beleaguered by Tuberculosis or Malaria, but gun violence has become the epidemic of the American twenty-first century.  Through weekly meetings, excursions and outreach, this group aims to bring students together to create an open, multi-disciplinary and informational forum to find meaningful and realistic ways to address the gun violence epidemic in the United States.

We are committed to approaching gun violence as a multi-faceted and complex social problem that can only be tackled through similarly nuanced discussion and solutions. All attitudes towards guns are welcome wherever they may come from and this group is a neutral ground for those perspectives to be heard without judgment in service of finding an effective approach to ending gun violence. Because, whether you are pro-gun, anti-gun, indifferent, or somewhere in the middle, everyone can agree that gun violence should be prevented. This may sound idealistic, but all across the country, violence interruption organizations are having a great deal of success in reducing the levels of homicide and injury involving firearms. Despite what is portrayed as a worsening problem, as Gary Slutkin so eloquently shows in his Ted Talk (see link below), gun violence can be curbed dramatically by applying a few simple rules that treat the problem as a public health, rather than a political, issue.

In the past this group has acquired Clinton Global Initiative funding in order to expand activities across campus. We have organised film screenings, guest lectures and have even taken a tailor made curriculum into a local high school to allow younger generations a chance to voice their opinions about gun violence. Our regular meetings are open to anyone and we encourage people from diverse backgrounds to come along to discuss new developments in approaches to tackling gun violence nationwide. All voices are valued. The only way we can end the epidemic of gun violence is by listening to, and learning from each other. So come and tell us your story.

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October, 19th at 5pm


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Resources on Gun Violence

Check out the American Psychological Association’s report on gun violence.

Or, the UC Davis Gun Violence Research Center.

See Gary Slutkin from Cure Violence on curbing the epidemic on TedMed