Global Health Degree Audits & Submitting Field Experience Verification

Reading your Degree Audit for the Global Health Major

To see which classes you still have remaining, please view your degree audit, a tool in in TritonLink that lists degree requirements and measures progress toward completing them.

When pulling up your degree audit, select Submit Audit first, wait a few seconds, then select View Report.


Your college academic advisor can assist you in interpreting the college and university areas of your degree audit. Your major advisor can only assist you in interpreting the major related portion of your degree audit.

How to Read Your Audit:

  • Requirements in blue have been met
  • Requirements in red have not been met and will start with a “-” and end with “-reqd”
  • Column 1 lists Departmental requirements for your declared major or majors—–Some Dept. requirements are still under construction
  • Column 2 lists College requirements or Optional minor if declared
  • Column 3 lists University requirements for degree completion
  • WIP (“work in progress”) means that you are currently enrolled in the course and is not yet complete.


Please note, the only difference for the majors entering pre and post fall 2016 is that the upper division biology/epidemiology course is listed under a core course for student entering pre Fall 2016, and for students entering post FA16, the course is listed under biological science electives. There is no difference in the amount of courses required.


Now that you know who to read you degree audit, please check your Global Health requirements (left hand side) to see that everything is counting correctly.

For example, if you took a course that is accepted by petition, you will need to use one of the following methods to count the course. Courses that are accepted “by petition”, indicated with an asterisk (*) will not automatically show up on your degree audit.

  • Submit Online Petition request to have the course count
  • Send message in the VAC: “Please accept _____________, a Global Health Pre-Approved Course, towards _______________ requirements for my Global Health ___________ (Major/Minor).”

Field Experience Requirement

Your Field Experience will not show as complete until you have submitted your letter of verification to the Global Health Program Office. Please submit once you have completed your hours.