Global Health Peer Mentor Program

Apply to be a part of the new GHP Mentor and Mentee Program! The purpose of UCSD’s Global Health Mentor and Mentee Program is to provide an active networking community for undergraduate students within the Global Health Program.

This program is what you make out of it, it is completely flexible and student-centered, led by our very own Global Health Student Representatives!

If you’re a second year student or above, you can sign up to be both a mentor and mentee. Please note that first year and new transfer students have priority as mentees. Depending on the number of applicants, not everyone may be paired with a mentor. It is highly encouraged that upper class students apply to be a mentor.

Applications are opened beginning of Fall Quarter every year! Check out our blog post and social media for updates!


So why should you become a MENTOR?

  • Great resume points!
  • You’ll gain valuable leadership and adaptability skills.
  • You’ll be able to share your Global Health student experience and knowledge with another student.
  • You have the potential to build a relationship with another like-minded individual and help them to continue pursuing their academic and non-academic related aspirations.

So why should you become a MENTEE?

  • You’ll learn more about the Global Health Program and UCSD in general.
  • You can gain a more informed perspective on certain concepts such as healthcare reform and medical anthropology.
  • You can learn more about field experience and study abroad opportunities.
  • You can potentially make a new great friend who will help you with your academic and non-academic related aspirations.

Here are some ideas on how to bond with your mentor/mentee:

  • Go to Global Health and other UCSD related events with them
  • Study with them on campus or at an off-campus coffee shop
  • Meet up with them every once in a while to update each other on how the quarter has been going.
  • There will potentially be an official GHP mentor and mentee meet up at the end of the quarter to actively network with other Global Health students.