2016-17 Students for Global Health Board Members

Primary Members (PI)
President (Spring 2017):


Nicholas Locke

Email: niclok@me.com

Human Biology and Global Health Double Major. Class of 2018.

Currently involved with Health Frontiers in Tijuana (HFIT) program.

Fall/Winter: Serena Dunham (Email: sdunham@ucsd.edu)

VP Events
Celia Breuer
Email: cbreuer@ucsd.edu

VP Fundraising/Budget
Stephanie Javadi
Email: sjavadi@ucsd.edu

VP of Communications/ External Relations
Tiffany Kang
Email: tykang@ucsd.edu

VP of Volunteering
Camille Delbrook
Email: cdelbroo@ucsd.edu

Outreach and External Relations Committee (VP- Tiffany Kang)

Natalie Wyss
Creative Director
Email: nswyss@ucsd.edu

Event Planning Committee (VP- Celia Breuer)
Lauren Olsen
Event Director
Email: l1olson@ucsd.edu

Anh Truc Vo
Event Coordinator
Email: aennievo@gmail.com

Fundraising, Budget & Membership Committee (VP- Stephanie Javadi)
Nina Escueta
Fundraising and Budget Consultant

Volunteering Committee (VP- Camille Delbrook)
Nicholas Locke
Homelessness and Food Insecurity Director

James Najera
Community Health and Aging Director

Julius Solbes
Refugee and Immigrant Health Director

Community Advisor:

Brittany Wright – Global Health Program Advisor


Students for Global Health Board members will have their leadership experience indicated on their Co-Curricular Record.




Board Member Calendar