Board Members

2018-19 Students for Global Health Board Members

Details What Global Health issue concerns you most?

Primary Members


Stephanie Javadi (’19)


Human Biology Major

Gender Violence


Nicolette Carlos (’19)

VP Events

Global Health Major

Women’s Reproductive and Maternal Health

Cristina Calderon (’20) 

VP External Relations

Global Health Major, Mathematics Minor

Social Inequalities in Health


Caitlin Shin (’21) 

VP Finance

Global Health Major, General Biology Minor

Climate Change and Infectious Disease

General Body Meetings Planning Committee


Joanna Chen (’19)

Global Health Major and International Studies – Anthropology Major

Immigrant and Refugee Health

Huong Nguyen (’21)

Global Health Major, Literature/Writing Minor

Health Equity among Ethnic Populations

Events Committee

47577475_208789156702194_1911572553403465728_n Noorhan Amani (’21)

Human Biology Major

Maternal and Child Health

IMG_8797 (1)

Camille Delbrook (’18)

Biochemistry/Cell Biology Major

Women’s Health Equity

External Relations Committee


Salvador Villafana (’21)

Global Health Major

Mental Health and the Stigmatization of Illness

Finance Committee


Haoming (Michael) Shi (’21) 

Community Advisors

IMG_0775 Lauren Olson

Global Health Program Advising Assistant

Indigenous Mental Health

Brittany Wright

Global Health Program Advisor

Lack of Access to Health Care

Liberty Belle

(One of our Founding Members)




Students for Global Health Board members will have their leadership experience indicated on their Co-Curricular Record.

Your hard work outside of the classroom deserves to be recognized. UCSD now has a Co-Curricular Record, which recognizes your involvement and skills developed on an official, validated record signed by the Registrar of the university. You’ll be able to highlight the skills you developed, which is great when you’re meeting with potential employers or applying for graduate/professional programs.

Board Member Meetings 

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