UCSD Gun Violence Intervention Group


Gun violence is a social and cultural behavior, yet it behaves as if it were a pathogenic illness. It is transmitted like a pathogen and plays into the cycle of American structural violence. The United States may not be beleaguered by Tuberculosis or Malaria, but gun violence has become the epidemic of the American twenty-first century.  Through weekly meetings, excursions and outreach, this group aims to bring students together to create an open, multi-disciplinary and informational forum to find meaningful and realistic ways to address the gun violence epidemic in the United States.

Beginning as simply a case of  overcrowded office hours, the UCSD Global Health Gun Violence Intervention Group (HGVI) gradually transformed into a discussion-based group comprised of students from a variety of backgrounds, majors and interests.

The GVI  group seeks to encourage democratic dialogue on realistic and meaningful ways to address the national epidemic of gun violence at a grassroots level. Our research and outreach has uncovered that this seemingly social (and often political issue) behaves and is treated like a disease. By not treating the gun violence epidemic, we condition American society to accept gun violence as normality. We allow children to expect a violent death, and cultivate a population of adults who are accustomed and conditioned towards violent behavior. By not addressing the problem now, we risk the safety and security of future generations.

How to Get Involved!


What We’ve Done 

HGVI began as a primarily weekly discussion group. Since our pilot meeting in 2013, we’ve explored different methods of learning about attitudes towards guns in the greater Southern California region. From a lesson in gun safety from a retired police chief at the police academy, to a screening of The Interrupters—a film on quelling violence in Chicago’s most turbulent neighborhoods—to working with UCSD’s Preuss school to educate teens on our efforts; our group has seen wonderful growth in not only our knowledge-base, but our membership as well.

The 2014-15 Group participated in the Clinton Global Initiative University.

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